Report - Pemberton Browns - WA (Author - Simon Holland)

Thoroughly enjoying the challenge of these small “skinny water “Pemberton  Browns.
Sat back and watched this fish from a distance as I planned my attack. The fish lay mid stream facing what was left of the diminishing summer flow. One side the bank became steep with tree roots exposed, the other sword grass and blackberry lined it’s edge.
I slowly pushed my way towards a small grassy area of bank slightly behind him.
I approached on all fours, peering above the grass to find the fish unmoved. So far so good.
I began to concentrate on the delivery. Enough room for a short roll cast, however it had to be precise.
As soon as the fly hit the water the trout charged to investigate. It’s white mouth gaped for an instant as if too inhale the fly. Instead the fish turned and slunk back to it’s position in the current.
One refusal is enough to warrant a fly change for me. On went a lighter leader and another dry, this time a size 14 Greenwells glory.
The next cast was not as precise but caught the attention of the fish none the less. This rise was a lot slower. The fish paused and watched the fly drift before inhaling it and turning once more towards it’s station.
The hook stuck and feeling the pinch the Brown kicked towards it’s snaggy hide.
The tussle saw a few anxious moments beneath the heavily wooded bank, then close to the sharp fronds of the sword grass before succumbing to the net.
A few quick photos,revived then released this fish sulked off back to it’s hide amongst the tangle of branches.