Fishing Events

The Victoria Tie In - 25 Feb 21
Northern Suburbs Fly Fishing Club with support from the Victoria Fishing Authority is pleased to announce the Victoria Tie In on 25 Feb 21.
The Covid19 lockdowns have meant that many Clubs and fly fishers have been unable to meet on rivers and we need to reconnect with the fly fishing communities in the state. This will be an online event hosted by NSFFC. The secondary aim of the event is to support Casting for Recovery.
Casting for Recovery is a not for profit organisation which aims to enhance the quality of life for women with breast cancer through a unique retreat program that combines breast cancer education and peer support with the therapeutic activities of fly casting. Volunteers not only provide their own time free of charge but also provide their own flies and tackle. As fly fishers we all know that the purchase of flies is not cheap. This event aims to have over 500 flies tied for the Casting for Recovery retreat attendees.
NSFFC has secured funding to run the event and will provide all tying materials and postage costs to anybody who wants to attend/tie and support Casting For Recovery. Participants will be provided with a pack containing materials to tie 10 specific flies, a prepaid envelope in which to return the flies and full details on how to join online. Tiers of all capabilities are encouraged to volunteer. Tiers must join us online on the night.
If you want to catch up with some great fly tiers and show your support for Casting For Recovery, send you details to